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Welcome to the Geek Culture Collective

A safe, supportive and empowering home for the local Geeks of the NT!


Actually... on second thought... we just want to have fun and be proud to be ourselves. We exist to represent the geeks of the NT through events and mentorship opportunities. 

As a representative organisation, we also advocate to the government on ways to best support this amazing community of motley legends. 

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Welcome to our geek community! Whether you're into Cosplay, Esports, Medieval Roleplay, Videogames, Wrestling and more, there is a diverse and inclusive group just for you. 

Together, we embark on exciting adventures, share our knowledge and skill, and forge lasting connections with like-minded enthusiasts. 

If you want your group featured, reach out by Joining the Collective, using the button below. Let us know what you do and when you meet. 

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