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The Geek Culture Collective is thrilled to announce its second annual Art Competition as part of TROPiCON 2023.


Proudly supported with prizes by the Mad Snake Café, Arnhem Nursery, Wild North Comics and the Geek Culture Collective we want to celebrate and foster the Territory’s vibrant and growing artist and geek culture. 

This competition brings together different mediums and offers a total cash prize pool of $1,050.

The Art Competition will be judged as a digital exhibition, however other mediums such as traditional drawings, sculpture or painting may be scanned or created in a digital manner and submitted. You can submit two (2) artworks per category.

This year TROPiCON will be producing a limited edition Art Magazine for the winners and selected entrants of the competition titled 'Gone Troppo. We hope it will become a collectors item over the coming years. All artists featured in the magazine will receive a free copy.

If you have any inquiries regarding this Art Competition, please email Skye Lavelle using or phone on 0488 774 005.

Subjects should include any of the following:

  • Fantasy: Invites artists to delve into mystical realms, drawing inspiration from popular literature and gaming.

  • Dystopian Future: Challenges artists to depict dark or cautionary futures, exploring social, ethical, and technological themes.

  • Mad Snake: A special category celebrating Territorian Geek culture, inviting abstract or unique interpretations.

  • Gone Troppo: Channel the steamy, wild essence of Darwin's tropical atmosphere, crafting artworks that embody its heat, vibrancy, and untamed spirit.


Categories and Prizes are:

  • Digital Artwork: $250 cash prize*

  • Traditional (Any Other) Artwork: $250 cash prize.* Examples include: paint, sculpture, pencil, charcoal and more- as long as you can submit it digitally via photograph or scan it can be judged online and in person if required.

  • Wild North Gone Troppo Art Prize: $150 cash prize. *Winning Artist will be featured prominently in the Gone Troppo collectible Art Magazine

  • AI-Prompt Fusion Art: $100 cash prize.* We recognise the emerging role of AI in the art world. To foster creativity and encourage submissions in this realm, we've included this category. However, due to its novelty and contentious impact on the art community, we're offering a smaller cash prize to gauge interest and community reception. This category has additional eligibility, terms and conditions.

  • Additional prizes to the value of $300 will be awarded to the open categories for the following age groups thanks to Arnhem Nursery: Children under 12 and Youth 12 - 18.


Key Dates:

  • Opened: Thursday 14th September 2023

  • Closing: Sunday 29th October

  • Judging finishes: Sunday 5th November

  • Creation of collectible Art Magazine - Gone Troppo

  • TROPiCON: Saturday 18th November - Winners Announced

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