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Get amongst it!

If you are a style of Geek that we're not representing, then we'd love to hear from you! We also work with business and organisations of the NT with events, presentations and more. 

Want to join the GCC?

The GCC is a membership organisation to serve its community. The best way to make sure you are represented is to get involved!
Some of the perks of a GCC membership include:


GCC Members receive discounts with our sponsers and at events.


Life is hard for an emerging Geek group, so let us help!


We can offer special rates to those who need an area to run their geekiness. 


"We" know that there are more Geeks than non-Geeks, but sometimes we need to remind those in charge. 


One of us... One of us... One of us...

GCC Membership

Full membership details will be released soon. Register your interest to be the first to receive this info!


Not ready to become a member? No worries! Become a GCC Fan for free! We'll keep you in the loop on all our events. 

Become a Sponsor


Are you an excellent organisation and want to support this community? Let us know!

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